Got an idea? What’re you waiting for? Roll it out then!

Webdevelopers and programmers are bombarded with so many ideas all day long that even the most converting ideas get overlooked by them, as they’ve seen, infact worked on or even coded themselves systems and scripts better than that one – for SOMEONE ELSE – unfortunately.

Its not just about developers, everyone of us have ideas floating around us. We hear them, we don’t “listen” to them. Even if we do, we just say “wow” and then move on. Comeon!

Yesterday while talking to a friend online, I just got an idea of a domain and while talking to my friend i registered and uploaded a basic version of that site within 30 minutes and then told em to see! After 24 hours I have got more than 100 visitors to it and some facebook likes, all organic, isn’t it a great deal? I know it’s not enough at this stage, but can grow rapidly!

Imagine if you implement 1 idea a day, and propagate it everyday, at the end of a month or two, you will have atleast 1 idea out of 60 that would have clicked! and famous!

So guys, gear up, start doing what you can! don’t invest too much into stuff that you don’t know anything about yet, but for developers, it’s best opportunity to just roll out what they can make within hours! then make it!

There is a saying : do something before someone hires you to do it for them.

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