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How to change back theme from rvskin to any other (x3 etc) in cpanel (11)

While trying to change the layout of the cpanel (cpanel11) in my case, you might have tried switch theme just like me.

Well, i was on x3 theme and i switched to rvskin. Well, rvskin was cool though! but was frustrating, because i was not able to find a way to go back to x3 or any other cpanel11 theme!

How to change back theme from rvskin to any other (x3 etc) in cpanel (11)

Anyway, one way to fix this is to ask your server people to reset the theme to x3 for you, by submitting the ticket, or else, you can follow this simple (recommended) method (tested on cpanel11).

Goto your cpanel running rvskin. Now paste this in the address bar with your domain name instead of the domain.com in bold in link below:


and hit enter / go and this will change back your cpanel11 theme back to x3 from rvskin!

Let me know if you’re having any issues while trying to change the theme or skin for your cpanel 11 account.

14 Responses to How to change back theme from rvskin to any other (x3 etc) in cpanel (11)

  1. Xiaodu

    Very useful! Thanks a lot!

    • Nabeel

      you are welcome!

  2. mfox

    Thanks! this tip really helps

    • Nabeel

      you’re welcome !

  3. Athul K

    thanks a lot! I was feeling like a fish out of water

    • Dr. Nabeel

      haha, you’re welcome Athul :) have a great day!

  4. arjay

    thanks for this tips its work…cheers

    • Nabtron

      Welcome Arjay! and thanks for the feedback!

  5. Sazzad

    Hi,I changed my cpanel theme to sonic but can’t change it back

    • Nabtron

      did you follow the article and tried the tip provided in it to change the cpanel theme back to the default one?

  6. Code Poet

    It is not working for me

    it is giving this error

    “HTTP error 401
    Invalid Security Token”

    can anyone please help in this regard

    • Nabtron

      new cpanel versions probably send the request as “POST” instead of “GET” as dne by the previous versions.

      Which theme are you on right now and doesn’t it have a drop down to change it back?

  7. Andy

    Works. Just works excellently. Thank you!!

    • Nabtron

      You’re welcome Andy! :) I’m glad that you were able to fix your cpanel theme issue!

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