How to delete multiple messages in Nokia E5

As the title says, this post is going to discuss couple of ways of deleting multiple message on nokia e5.

Well, actually I got my iPhone broke this week so had to borrow an E5 from a family member. Now while using it, I was confused about how to delete multiple messages easily. As deleting procedure seemed to be very lengthy.

Above that, there were important messages of the original owner in the phone inbox too, which were supposed to be retained too…

Anyway, I figured out 1 quirky way to delete multiple messages at once from nokia e5 inbox, but later, i figured out another awesome method which was supposed to be used at first place.

How to delete multiple messages in Nokia E5

Method 1 (quirky) :

While in the messages inbox listing all the messages, goto options > mark/unmark > all

This will mark all the messages with an arrow.

Now again click options and select “delete” it will confirm deleting all the messages, click yes, and it will begin.

Now here’s the tricky part, you need to “cancel” the deletion process where you think you want it to stop. So that it deletes almost only the messages that you want to be removed and not all of them.

Method 2 :

For method 2, Please note these 2 things which i figured / find out while using nokia e5:

-> the back space button on the querty keyboard of nokia e5 deletes the messages directly (or asks you to delete the current message)

-> the “ctrl” key , when kept pressed and arrow moved up / down, selects or unselects (marks or unmarks) the messages as you move along. Once it works as marker, secondly it works as unmarker, so you might need to try a couple of times to get hold of it if you have tricky sequence to select from.

So now, select / mark the messages that you want to be deleted by pressing ctrl button (bottom right) and arrow key.

and then press back space button once, it will ask you to confirm deletion of all the marked messages, select yes and it will delete the selected messages.

Hope you will be able to easily delete multiple messages easily on nokia e5 now.

Note: This should also work with nokia e71

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