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Stay away from Eleven2.com scam web hosting site

Last year, I registered via a promo code to eleven2.com for a reseller account to test if it was better than my current webhost.

Well, I wasn’t much satisfied with the service though, but keep that aside, this is not a review of eleven2.com service and servers.

I used paypal account to verify eleven2.com – it was supposed to be “Verify”

After 2 months, I noticed today, don’t know why, in my JUNK mail folder an email having title “Invoice Payment Confirmation‏” now wait a minute? which invoice is it?

The email was sent via eleven2.com.

They’ve charged me 3 times full payment (more than 100$) in last 2 months and all those notifications going into the JUNK mail? wtf? let alone NO payment confirmation email from eleven2.com

I’m highly disgusted by this fraudulent act by eleven2.com I don’t care what others review about them, but I’m here and I’ll tell what happened to me honestly!

How can someone be so cheap in gaining money over not using the service? I didn’t even use their service man!

Other than that, don’t they know they’re going into the Junk mail folder? Oh comeon! this shows that popular mail servers (hotmail, yahoo, etc) even consider eleven2.com as spam and junk site!

To anyone who wants to even think about sharing their payment information to eleven2.com -> never even think about that! never!

I’m glad I didn’t share my credit card detail with eleven2.com scam web hosting site!

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