Site5 hosting – not at all 99.9% uptime

Site5 provides pretty nice hosting though, but it’s not upto the mark which they publicize atleast!

Every month their servers go down atleast 8-24 hours. Sometimes due to server backup thing, sometimes because of any other issue. Like today they went down too and reason was:

One of our US Datacenter is facing a partial network outage which has caused some servers not responding. We have contacted the Datacenter to check this issue further.

And most of the time servers are lagging so much that you can’t even connect to mysql or even open the webpage once (and i wish they count it in down time too)

Their support, well, they are responsive, but only when the issue is solved! duh!

If your server is down, you try contacting them, they won’t respond, not to live chat even if you mention the issue in the details box! They reply only when the issue is solved or they have found an answer to shut you up!

I seriously have been thinking of moving to some other host!

Oh and this cloud host went down with data center issue, what’s the use of cloud hosting when it’s not up when they’re having issues with 1 server?

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