How to get 1000 email subscribers in 15 days

Nabtron recently crossed 1000 email subscribers count in just 15 days.

Here I’ll share the simple steps I took to achieve email subscribers for rss feed in just 15 days.

Well, there is no hidden secret to it. What I did was simply adding a feedburner email subscribe box on the site, but with these changes and tips:

  1. add email opt in box in all empty places on your blog
  2. if some of your ad slots have no income, replace them with email subscribe optin box
  3. change the default feedburner email subscribe box design to more comfortable one
  4. change the text above the box to say something other than default one.

The last part is very very critical one.

Once I changed the text from saying “Subscribe by email” to “Get updates by email – all for free!” , the subscription rate multiplied by 4!

Note that this is the total email subscribers count, not just the confirmed ones.

So test different things with your email subscribe box and share what your results are!

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