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How to install zenmate proxy on chrome (to run blocked websites)

There are situations in which we want to bypass the restrictions and access blocked websites on our network which could be blocked for any reason but it’s critical to load them at that particular time.

Zenmate proxy for chrome benefits

For example, youtube is blocked in some countries, including Pakistan. Yesterday a very good friend of mine needed to access youtube to learn few methods related to their medical (mbbs) exam today but wasn’t able to do that due to youtube being blocked in Pakistan. This post is dedicated to her :)

How to unblock youtube using Zenmate chrome proxy

So coming back to the point, how to unblock youtube in Pakistan. There are certainly many ways to do that, but the one I recommend here today is very simple one and easy to setup by not so pro with computer people. And above all, it’s free of ads! what a relief ! isn’t it ? It’s by using zenmate proxy on google chrome. In this post we’re going to discuss how to install zenmate on google chrome!

Note: keep the proxy turned off (simple method to do that – in last step of this tutorial) to have good browsing speed on non-blocked websites, as proxy causes loading to slow down as per their server connection and speed.

Zenmate Chrome free  download and installation:

The following steps will help you through zenmate chrome proxy installation for free.

1. Download Google chrome

First of all you need to install Google chrome, simply click here and install chrome in couple of simple steps:


2. Find Zenmate proxy for chrome in google webstore

Once installed, open and run google chrome and click here to goto the “zenmate plugin” for chrome install page directly:


3. Begin Zenmate for google chrome free download

When on the  zenmate for chrome free download page, click : “FREE” on top right and it will begin installation of the zenmate extension on chrome.

how to install zenmate chrome proxy

4. Input email for Zenmate chrome proxy registration

Once installed, you will see the zenmate for chrome page which will ask you to simply input your email and on next page it will show you a password / or ask you to input any password which you can remember (note: don’t enter your email id’s password here). You will not be required to use this password anywhere while using the plugin however enter a memorable simple password.

5. Zenmate icon on appears google chrome browser

Once done, you will see icon on the top right of the google chrome browser, next to the address bar where you write the url / address of any website you visit. (the one next to star, sort of inverted triangle)

zenmate chrome proxy

6. Turning on zenmate chrome proxy

Click on the icon and it will open the zencare proxy pane like this (click on on / off it’s not already “on”):

zenmate proxy chrome

7. Change location for Zenmate chrome proxy

When I installed the plugin on my mac os x , it showed hongkong, China as the proxy city and country. Click on “change location” and then change it to USA (end of the list) so that the websites you open, load in english, not in chinese, as some websites (including youtube.com) have local versions of the websites which open in their language.

Hope this helps you getting more marks in your exams :) remember me in your prayers!

16 Responses to How to install zenmate proxy on chrome (to run blocked websites)

  1. alig

    very good

    • Nabtron

      Thanks for appreciating Alig

  2. bany

    veery good

    • Nabtron

      glad that it helped you setup zenmate chrome proxy :)

  3. adeel khan

    very good

    • Nabtron

      Thank you for appreciating Adeel!

      I hope it helped you in setting up zenmate chrome proxy for your chrome browser! :)

  4. rizwan

    after zenmate install when write the e mail and passworld i revived a error login failed please check your credentials and try again.please help me

    • Nabtron

      have you entered the email and password correctly?

  5. Mubashar

    sir, i have a problem installing zenmate…. whenever i click on free button of zenmate in google play store extensions it turns to checking… but after some time a dialogue box appears showing network failure…. reload/cancel…. kindly help me installing it.

    • Nabtron

      please make sure your connection is stable.

      Also try installing zenmate for chrome after clearing your browser cache and turning off any extensions or plugins that you’ve installed on your browser

  6. arsalanasif

    how to open youtube after getting zenmate?

    • Nabtron

      simply turn on zenmate and goto youtube.com :)

  7. Halien Zerg

    Thanks for sharing this, I have downloaded Zenmate and now its working fine but stil l need more speed, it some times work very slowly, so is there anywhere to speed up zenmate.
    Also tell me some best free alternatives of zenmate to use in chrome for fast speed?. hace you tried its premium version.

    • Nabtron

      You’re welcome Halien

      There are a few other vpn too like hot spot shield, which one is best? Well can’t say it coz never compared, but free ones are usually slow as they can’t provide premium services!

      Zenmate premium can be good, they have a discount package active these days, you can check it out and then update us with your experience too!

  8. Younus Yakoob

    Dear Sir: I am in Karach Pakistan. Whenever I put up my email and password the following message appears.

    “sorry for the inconvenience. Service is unavailable at this time. Please try again later”

    I need to install Zenmate very badly. Could you help me please.

    Younus Yakoob

    • Nabtron

      Did it work for you later?

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