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How to restore factory settings on Sony Vaio pcg71318l without recovery disk

Before trying to refresh your sony vaio’s windows and settings to factory default, make sure thats the only solution for your current problems. Because it will delete all the custom and personal data, images and softwares on your computer.

Sony Vaio not always come with a recovery disk. Infact almost never. Then how to restore factory settings on sony via (pcg 71318l in my case).

How to restore default settings on Sony Vaio pcg71318l without recovery disk

To refresh your windows seven on sony vaio without recovery disk, simply follow these steps:

1. Turn off your sony vaio

2. turn it on and keep pressing these keys: alt + f10

3. You will see a recovery screen and menu.

The menu and instructions shown are clear enough to helpful to restore your sony vaio. However, if you can’t understand, don’t try random things and ask someone who knows what all this is, to have a look at it for you to avoid any trouble.

This will start the factory restore process and once complete, will reboot your laptop.

2 Responses to How to restore factory settings on Sony Vaio pcg71318l without recovery disk

  1. Imran Hunzai

    It only works when you haven’t formatted the drive containing restore files, let’s say C.

    • Dr. Nabeel

      obviously! but in most cases, if the person don’t try to be a scientist then the drive containing sony vaio windows restore files is unaltered.

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