How to use/download Torrents files – Beginners guide

Well some people might find it purpose less to write a introduction to torrents and downloading/using them but believe me, not all people know what they are and how to download torrent files and use them. So in this tutorial, i will step by step explain to you on how to get/download the torrent files and use them. I have tried to make this tutorial pretty simple for the absolute beginners too, so if anyone feels any difficulty in following this tutorial, do let me know, i will try to simply it further.

1. Get a Bit-Torrent Client:

utorrentWell, before we start, we need to have a bit torrent (torrent) client. What does it mean? it means a program that manages the torrent files and downloads them. There are various bit torrent programs available for free for various operating systems including windows, mac osx, linux, etc. The choice of program varies greatly on personal preferences. Couple of good bit torrent clients are: utorrent and bittorrent.

So the first step is to download any of the above mentioned torrent clients and install them on your computer system. Once the torrent client is ready on the system, we are ready to go for the next step of finding our torrents.

2. Acquiring torrent files:

Once we have our torrents client set and ready to go, now we need the torrent files of the file that we want to download. They are available on various torrent tracker sites or you can also ask your friends to send you the torrent files. You can get the torrent files from sites like: ThePirateBay and MiniNova.

Simply goto the torrent tracker sites and search for the file (program/video) that you are looking for. Please note that downloading and using the pirated softwares and videos is illegal, i will recommend to only use the torrents to get the opensource files. When it asks for download or run the torrent file, chose run and run it in your installed torrent program. You can also download it and run it later on.

3. Using the downloaded file:

After all this procedure, the torrent will be downloaded, the progress is shown in the torrent client while downloading. So once the download is 100 percent complete, you can simply browse the file and use it. You can also use right click on the file name in the torrent client files list and select to open or show file location option.

So in this way, you will be getting the file via torrents and then use it just like you use normal downloaded files.

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