Internet Explorer 7 & 8 don't show right to left languages (arabic) correctly

I just noticed while surfing my own blog on internet explorer 8 that it is not showing arabic correctly. I checked it on ie7 to confirm too and it was same there. However, the arabic text is working perfectly fine on firefox and opera on same computer system.

This is the text:

???? ??? ???? ???? ????

And this is how it shows in internet explorer:

محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم

Maybe it’s due to lack of regional languages, but then it shouldn’t work in firefox and opera too!

Upon trying to save the page viewed in internet explorer on local disk and the view it in firefox, the special characters are still there instead of the arabic text. Which means that its not just that ie7/ie8 are unable to show the text properly, they are changing the words too.

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