Lower the Size of Your Picture

Whenever you would like to upload any picture either in your blog or in your site, it’s important to lower the size. Several problems occur, when you don’t put it down to maxium resolution. When you will upload the file in BMP format, it would be difficult for many people to visit your site or blog. People, who is having slow dialup network, cannot be able to load your page and have to wait for several minutes or an hour. In order to make your site or blog convinient, you have to put the size of your picture down so that visitors find ease and comfort in viewing several pages. Check out some easy steps to lower the size of your pictures.

  • Save the picture from a source, you want to get.
  • You will see that picture would be saved with BMP image format.
  • If your picture has BMP format then you should open it in Paint.
  • When your picture will come into the Paint, you have to click on “File” tag and search for “Save As”.
  • Save your file in a JPEG format and give it a unique name.
  • When your file will come in JPEG format,┬áit’s size would automatically be lowered down.
  • Now your pircture is ready for uploading and attaching on your blog or site.
  • JPEG is the format, which help users to view your site/blog’s pictures easily, without waiting for minutes.

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