Have You Heard About Open Source Software?

Majority people use licensed software like windows while many use a pirated copy of that. But there is another world which is not yet revealed by these people. This is the world of open software which is going to give a very tough time to the windows and licensed soft-wares. Linux is the biggest example of open source software. We take a look on both of them to make a clear understanding.

Open Source Software is software or a program whose source code is available for everyone to change, improve, customize or redistribute it without any restriction. The best example is Fedora, Ubuntu, Suse Linux which are freely available to everyone. There is no proper technical support available for these soft-wares. All you can do is to search on forums which are plenty out there.
Open source also encourages people from all over the world to contribute in development and Bug fixing of open source soft-wares. Below are some Screen Shots from Fedora Core 12 .

 Equipped with all necessary soft-wares, Fedora Core 12 presents such features and 3d graphics which Windows 7, and Vista can’t even imagine to give with much lower hardware specs than Windows. In future we will discuss full features of Linux and Fedora 12 from very beginning for a completely new user. Just have a look.

Closed Source or Licensed Software  is a software which is licensed and has copy rights. One has to purchase it. Source code is not available for change, modify, redistribute or even to view. Microsoft Windows is the most common example of such software. I think there is no need to post a screenshot for Windows.

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