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Geometry Fun Quiz

Today I got a query from a 3rd standard kid asking for some help in scramble in his book (oxford) in shapes and their properties chapter. Well they were quite amusing, so i thought to add them here too :)

I have 5 sides and 5 vertices. What am I?


I have 2 sets of parallel sides and i like to lean. What am I?


I have no straight sides and no vertices; look for me at the end of a cylinder


I’m Greek for ‘five’


My 4 sides are of equal length, but you won’t find me in a pack of cards


The sides of a rhombus are of ____ length


I have no parallel sides


My sides are parallel and of equal length; I’m also called a diamond


I have 2 sets of parallel sides, but of different lengths


You’ll find 3 of us in every triangle


I’ve got one more side than the pentagon. I’m?


I’m the number of vertices a square has


My Greek name is ‘hex’


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