Infiniboard and Infinidock

The recently released tweaks from chpwn, Infiniboard and Infinidock, allow you to take full control of your SpringBoard. They allow the homescreen to be scrolled in a different way than provided by the default apple firmware. Both apps are available in Cydia store for download.

The app, infiniboard lets you scroll each page on iPhone home screen up and down. Letting you arrange your apps per page into categories, like all games on one page and all office apps on other and so on. You can also have all your apps on one page, scrolling down, instead of sideways. Infiniboard allows you to fully customize it, setting everything in it like scroll bar color etc. Now you can grab infiniboard from Cydia Store for just $1.99 and get vertical scrolling on your iPhone.

Infinidock gives you power to modify your iPhone dock, letting you chose how many icons you want to see and to move / scroll your dock side to side. Other than allowing you to scroll your dock icons very smoothly, infinidock also have many settings such as paging and snap (aligning your icons), letting you setup your dock exactly as you like it to be.This utimate dock customization tool is available in Cydia for just $0.99 too.

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