Mobilink 3G issues

I’ve always considered mobilink to be one of the best cellular network in Pakistan. However, they proved me wrong today!

I was using mobilink 3g internet on my tab for some time and for last 2 days, there was a huge drop in internet speed on my tab. Initially I considered it to be a glitch in speed due to the underground cable issue that’s bringing internet to Pakistan, as it also affected my ufone 3g and also ptcl evo 3g. However they sort of recovered by yesterday, but mobilink didn’t.

Well that’s not the issue anyway, issue is something else. Issue is the bad service provided by mobilink to its customers. Lemme explain how.

Mobilink bad Customer Care

I called mobilink helpline and told them my issue, the reply from the lady who was attending the query was to check if I’m in the 3g coverage area by dialing *443# from my mobilink number and refused to provide any further assistance until I do so.

First of all I wondered how come she isn’t able to check herself if the customer calling her is in the coverage area? Seriously? What an advance cellular network! yeah!


Then I did check, and it said that I’m in the mobilink 3G coverage area. Obviously I was! This is the exact place from where I use my 3g internet every day!

I called again to the service center by dialing 111 from my mobilink number and there was another lady, and she was unable to help me too! I told her the story how my internet stopped working, I told her stuff like:

  • I am using mobilink 3g internet on my tab
  • Internet used to work fine until last 2 days
  • Internet is connecting but the speed it very slow
  • There is “H and H+” symbol on the tab, showing that 3G is connecting successfully
  • There is no cache or device issue, as when I connect the tab to wifi the internet works amazingly fine!
  • I am in coverage area as I checked by *443#” and because this is the same place from where I use the internet every day

Her response was:

  • The number of users in your area may have increased!

Wow? over night? and for 2 whole days? I think a lot of migration may have taken place over night causing this loss of speed of mobilink internet!

I assured her that I haven’t seen any people migrating in this area, even if that’s the case, this is the worst explanation I’ve ever heard!

Her remarks were something like: “when you know already so much about the issue, what you want me to do then?”

I responded: I want you to refer my call to floor manager, and she “Refused”.

Mobilink didn’t solve the issue

She didn’t solve the issue, neither she let me talk to anyone sensible who could solve it for me or at least satisfy me!

Now don’t take me wrong, I’m not anti mobilink at all, or wasn’t at least before today! even with their slow internet I considered them to be suffering from the sea me undersea cable issue. Mobilink was my first network that I got sim of more than a decade ago. I really had this in mind that they must be better, unfortunately they’re the same, or maybe worse than a few other networks!

Mobilink has seriously lost its credibility and respect. Its clear now that like all other brands and corporations, they’ve focused on advertisements only!

What’s your experience with mobilink and their 3g internet?

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  1. As I get the aforesaid complaint by a gentleman, he is 110% right on his side, I have also been facing the same mess of lagging mobilink 3G network for the last 5 days. I came to know from some reliable resources that there had gotten some underground cables problem. And they announced to fix in some days or even it will take a month. So I’m also mobilink user for the last a dacade. plz fix that crap up as soon as possible.

  2. well yeah ?! actually THE EXACT SAME THING happened to me , one day 3g was fine , i was with the Happy go Lucky mobilink group but now , the network speed died out , i called 111 twice and the dumb guy insisted that it was a cache read error , wth , I KNOW WHAT THAT IS , its been a week now , i cant take this any longer . I’ll change my sim if i have to , so hey ?! which network should i switch over to ?

    1. actually the problem is that all networks in Pakistan are below the standard, telenor has very limited data size and other weird issues, ufone has its own drawbacks, etc.

  3. Worst and pathetic 3G service provided by mobilink, signal never remain constant and so does speed. I’m fed-up since two months and looking for a better change. Any other recommended option ?

    1. Highly pathetic 3 G service. If, any issue, they should notify it to the customers. But they don’t care about professional ethics.

  4. Yes it is realy issu by mobilink zong is giving high speed internet they have not any problem like mobilink.

  5. I was using the Mobilink sim but the speed dropped even lower than that of Edge or Gsm so I ported in to Ufone and it provides a speed of 3 Mbps to 3.5 Mbps throughout the day. Awesome connection

      1. I m using Lumia 630 n cellular data speed is better than my mobilink WiFi device whic purchased last week

  6. *** Same exact thing happened with me.. now they are making fool its customer.. 3G K NAME PE 2G CHALA RHE HAIN.. something serious mishap happened with mobilink system and they are trying to hide this reality from their customers!! I think this issue will not be resolved until or unless they will be got showcase notice from PTA… dont panic… a simple solution is to be migrated to another network

  7. Mobilink net was very fast but now a days its very slow what I can do I don’t understand please help me I can’t stream in my best 4g mobile please do some thing

    1. Did you change the location from where you’re using the mobilink 3g internet?

      If you’re still having trouble, try contacting their support, but if failed, try going to their service center with details.

      If they still fail to fix it, port to a better service in your area.

  8. You r right bro mobilink sucks now a days in khairpur mirs, and here is no other 3g services like zong and khairpur mirs alot of huge users but we still use ptcl evo and landlines connections bcoz of mobilinks third class 3g service. mobilink please increase your bandwidht of ur 3g services otherwise stop ur sucking 3g services from khairpur mirs. I m waiting for zonggggg 3g in khairpur mirs.

  9. assalam alaikum.
    i have also mobilink sim it was working fine but from the last the speed is too slow when i check its speed i only get 0.01 or 0.00 Mbps download and upload is 0.01 or 0.07 …but most of the time internet doesnt work..i called to customer call center 7 times..but they just you are using we checkd your details and your service is fine and working..mobilink sucks the customers care didnt help me..i changed my network to zong and zong speed and reliability is awesome…

  10. Same is the case with me,when 3G came into my area, downloading speed was almost 400+ kb/s and it’s less than 35kb/s.. WTF is wrong with them,I seriously don’t know :/

  11. I am also using Mobilink 3g for last few months but from last few days Mobilink 3g is getting worse. Now waiting for Zong to start their 3g services in my area. :(

  12. MobiSTink really does suck donkey balls. Their service is so pathetically erratic, and unfortunately they are the “best 3G network in Pakistan “. With the exception of Zong – which is fast and more consistent.

    I think you guys should switch to Zong for the time being. The rest – Ufone, Telenor, Warid etc – all slow and useless.

  13. I m in 3g area. My mobile show H+ on the notification bar but mobilink 3g is worse than telenor 2g. Sometimes it can’t browse something. It’s not the problem only for me it’s for all here

  14. Well my case is the worst. About 5 months ago I was enjoying Mobilink 3g and I was very happy. I even dumped my evo wingle and used Mobilink 3g for computer by hotspot. But soon something terrible happened to my Internet and it lost its speed down to zero kbs. Considering Mobilink I thought that it would be solved in hours or in a few days. But it didn’t and weeks passed. After two weeks I called customer care they told me that you should clean your browser catch,delete history and restart I did as they told me to do but nothing changed. I again called them and insisted them on forwarding my complaint but they refused and replied,”sir i can’t forward your complain because it could be temporary area problem. From our end your internet is working fine”. This problem kept on for months and untill now my problem isn’t solve
    Mobilink sucks

  15. I was thinking that I’m the only one who was facing this prob.. but from now I am sure they are doin shit with their network…. All other networks are doin well in our area but suddenly drop in jazz is such an issue..they definitely hiding some problems from their users

  16. I have recently been purhased mobilink 3G chargeable internet device but since the day of pirchased it has seriously been observed that auto disconnect issue is started. When i approached to mobilink customer care centre at Rawalpindi they directed to report to Huawei customers care centre to resolve the said issue. After this I did so and Huawei care centre swap my existing device with new one but the same issue could not be solved. Once again I approached to Huawei care centre to readdress the same issue but now they replied that every device may not be the same issue now you should have to report to again mobilink customer care office to replace SIM, I did this but issue could not be killed till now as the auto connect and disconnect issue is still in line. Please help. Thanks in anticipation.

  17. M.fayyaz thanks for sharing your experience, i use mobilink 3g and always i get 2 or 3 Kb/s and i cant see any videos even it wont open facebook i complained on 111 and he said u no. in 3g coverage area even 3g is activate on your number but i will send u settings and install it give 0000 password i waited for 30min but he dint send it,
    i called again and this time she said the same thing “that your no is in 3g area and activated 3g” maybe your handset issue please subscribe any 3g package and try again and if issue not solved please change handset, i use zong internet most of time and its speed is like 220kb/s to 400kb/s i tested on oakla speedtest. And on ufone i 3g it gives 1.5Mpbs to 2.3Mbps sometime 5Mbps. In my opinion zong is best network with nice packages, since ufone change 1 GB in Rs/12 to Rs/99 i left it and now zong gives 1Gb from 1am to 9am in Rs/6.00 and 1GB 4am to 4pm for just Rs/12.
    thats why i switched to zong. My first sim was mobilink and zong but im not anti mobilink i m telling reality and i tested it.

  18. I am also facing same issue with moblink 3g its worst internet connection I am pissed off…. Moblink 3g is very slow I m unable to watch videos even Facebook is not working properly…. Ghatya tareen network

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