MS Outlook Error with send/receive (0x8004102A)

I installed and configured Microsoft Outlook 2010 yesterday and installed hotmail connector plugin to use my 2 hotmail accounts with it. Initially it all went fine but when today i tried send / receive sync process it gave me error.

The error was with one of the hotmail account (first one only, not both) and it said:

Error with send / receive – with error number: 0x8004102A

There are various solutions available for this error online but before trying them, i tried something which solved the issue for me. Initially i deleted the junk and deleted items from the folder but it didn’t help. What I did that solved the issue was:

1. I sent an email from the account that gave error to the second account

2. clicked send / receive

3. I sent an email from the normal account to the first account that gave error

4. clicked send / receive

And this solved the issue! voila! Don’t panic if you don’t receive the email after first and second step, just complete all four of them and you may get it working like me!

Update: Hamdan said:

I deleted all ” Junk mails” and all “deleted items” in the web browser , then it solved.

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