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Odesk offering Wire Transfer to Pakistan Bank now

Last month Odesk announced few changes to it’s users. One of it was wire transfer facility to some countries including Pakistan.

Odesk now allows it’s freelancers and users from Pakistan to withdraw their money via wire transfer in PKR directly to their banks. No need to have paypal or prepaid credit cards (payoneer e.g) anymore to receive funds in Pakistan from Odesk. It is a direct and low cost way of withdrawing your funds from odesk to Pakistani Bank.

The details of this withdrawal method are:
-> $4.99 per withdrawal in PKR
-> Highly competitive exchange rates
-> Direct transfer. No need to deal with 3rd party-payment providers
-> First withdrawal is FREE!

To withdraw your odesk funds to Pakistani banks directly via wire transfer simply login to your odesk account and goto Payments > Payment Methods. There select Wire Transfer (PKR) as the withdrawal method and complete the on screen instructions.

9 Responses to Odesk offering Wire Transfer to Pakistan Bank now

  1. Atif

    i withdrew my funds from odesk on 27th feb. then the email from odesk came to me and said that the funds will be dlvrd on 1st March. today is 2nd March and im still waiting. what is your suggestions. please advise me. should i wait or log a complaint for failure transfer.

    • Nabtron

      Atif how did the process go? did you receive the money in your bank account finally?

  2. Adil

    very nice article bro just tell which bank i can use for receving wire withdrawl from odesk.can only SCB receive or any other bank please also tell :)

    • Nabtron

      I think all major banks including UBL would be able to receive the payments imho.

      It’s better to try small amounts withdrawal first, like 5-10$ first before withdrawing larger amounts of money to confirm that your bank is able to receive the payment from odesk.

  3. kamran

    hi, i know odesk wiretransfer and i withdraw funds 2 times every month my pakistan alfalah bank

    • Nabtron

      great, but why do you do it twice a month? why don’t you withdraw from odesk just once a month as it might save you transfer fee!

    • Shoaib

      Hi This is Shoaib.Could you please tell about bank Alfalah charges on wire transfer???

  4. Sulman

    hi, i want to ask that which bank’s account is more suitable and reliable for odesk withdraw in pakistan.

    • Nabtron

      I use United Bank Limited (UBL) to withdraw odesk / upwork in Pakistan and it works perfectly fine!

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