Recent downtime at – bad support from

Today went offline for almost 6 hours.

The access to our hosting account was forbidden by site5 without any warning.

Well I can understand that this was due to urgent issues of very high cpu usage from the account.

The issue is, information provided to me was only that there is “sudden” high cpu usage on my account so I “need” to upgrade to a dedicated system.

Wait a minute, what? how does “sudden” increase mean I need a new system? This could be just a bump in traffic or any hack attempt even!

Site5 didn’t provide me with any info on which domain name or the file that was using those server resources at that level.

I checked stats and there was no increase in traffic, which means either there was a hack attempt or else some server issue from site5 side (as I can see many people complaining about it in last 24 hours)

In the end, I again apologize all of you who came here to get some help or casually and got disappointed – as 80% + of traffic to nabtron is from google search.

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