Remove sidebar from Schema lite single page

This tutorial explains how you can remove the sidebar from the single page template of Schema lite WordPress theme to make by making a full page template for single page without sidebar.

How to remove sidebar from schema lite wordpress theme

Follow these steps:

Make a copy of page.php

Goto the theme folder and make a copy of page.php

You can name it page-nosidebar.php

Edit page-nosidebar.php

On top of the page-nosidebar.php file, add this code on top of the file:

/* Template Name: PageWithoutSidebar  */

At the end of this file. Find the code related to sidebar and remove it.

Remove this code:

<?php get_sidebar(); ?>

Goto Admin Dashboard and edit your page

You can now go to admin dashboard of WordPress (wp-admin panel) and select the newly created nosidebar template for your page from ride side.

Save the page.

Your page will now have the layout without the sidebar.

You may need to clear the cache of your website (and cloudflare if you’re using it too) to see the changes to your page frontend.

Please let me know if you’re having any difficulty or if you want me to do this (or anything related) for you.

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