SI Captcha Issue – CAPTCHA image not displayed

Today i got contacted by a very nice person via my facebook profile regarding this blog. He mentioned that the Captcha image is not being displayed on the blog comments so it was not possible to post any comments. Well i quickly verified that the captcha was really broken! There was captcha image not displayed and it only said the text:


Upon trying to post without entering the captcha or by entering random/blank captcha, it gave error:

ERROR: Could not read CAPTCHA cookie. Make sure you have cookies enabled and not blocking in your web browser settings. Or another plugin is conflicting. See plugin FAQ.

captcha si image errorWell, I was using the latest version of SI Captcha and tried looking the documentation provided by the developer, however the problem didn’t get solved!

Anyhow, i tried a couple of things and after some minutes of hit and trial, i found out, that the issue was because the wordpress blog sub directory wp-content was having permissions 777 and if i set them to 755, the captcha image works perfect on my WordPress blog! SI captcha was not generating the captcha image when the permissions for the main wp-content directory are set to 777.

Anyway, the Solution is :

Simply goto your WordPress main directory, (via control panel/ftp/filemanager, whatever you wish!) and change the permissions for the directory wp-content. It will fix the issue with the SI Captcha Image not being shown and giving error of cookies being blocked, browser settings problem and plugin conflicts etc! :)

Happy blogging!

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