How to enable / disable saving of History of conversation in msn live Messenger

Msn messenger new versions(including the 2009 messenger version and msgplus too) have an option to save the history of conversation on your computer.

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Where is History saved and how to see it:

To check if the history has already been saved on the computer, goto the folder documents > my received files and check if there is any folder with your email address as its name. If you find it there, it will have the multiple files with the email addresses of your contacts as the file names. These are the xml form of saved chat history. You can run them by clicking them twice and see the chat history

How to enable/disable (turn on and turn off) the history feature in messenger:

To turn on or off the history feature of msn/ windows live messenger, you need to goto top menu in the messenger main window and follow:

Tools > Options

msn live messenger history option

In the window that opens,  you will see the option messages in the left menu, click on it to show the messages options.

Now find the section for Message History and see the option:

Automatically keep a history of my conversations.

msn messenger change history location, enable disable

Selecting the option and pressing apply/ok will start saving the history of your conversation in the my documents / my received files folder on your computer and if you don’t want the history of the conversation to be saved by the windows live (msn/hotmail) messenger, simply make sure that it’s not selected.

You can change the location of the folder where the history should be saved too in the option below it saying:

Save my conversations in this folder

Saving history is essential in some cases for example if you have to keep record of your conversation with your clients etc, but make sure you don’t enable chat history keeping in the msn/hotmail messenger on a public/shared computer system.

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