Single use code by Hotmail – new security feature

Microsoft has launched a new security feature for hotmail signin allowing the users to use single use codes for logging into their windows live mail accounts.

This feature is specifically designed to protect the users from password thefts on a public computer or any other computer that they don’t own or are not sure of that they should use their password on it or not such as those found in internet cafes, airports, coffee shops, or even friends or cousins computers! or even your college library, etc

The requested single use code is sent via sms to the phone number associated with your Windows Live ID (hotmail account). This code will work as a substitute for your account password only once and then it will expire. By using this code you won’t need to enter your password on any non-personal computer, hence helping you from being hacked or getting your account password recorded / stolen by some one using key loggers or any other method.

Microsoft says about it:

This new security feature is designed to further protect you when you sign in from a public computer, such as those found in internet caf├ęs, airports, and coffee shops. When you request a single-use code, the code is sent via SMS to the phone number associated with your Windows Live ID. It acts as a one-time substitute for your password. By using a single-use code, you won’t have to type your password into a public computer, thereby helping to prevent it from being stolen by key loggers and the like.

This is really a great feature and will probably prevent many script kiddie (wanna be hackers) hack attempts and affecting many people, making them lose their account, or else get their account illegally accessed!

6 comments on “Single use code by Hotmail – new security feature

  1. Hey does anyone know how to reset a password when you can’t access your account anymore??

    I went to enter my password and it was actually in the ‘single use code’ box and ever since I have not been able to log into it. Any help is appreciated!

      1. I am not 100% sure what happened. The last time I tried to log into my account, I entered my password (in the single code area) thinking it was the password location and since then I have not been able to log into it. It is also the account attached to my facebook. (which I can’t access either – fb is emailing me about that now.)
        When I went to ‘password reset’ it sends out a code to the email I can’t log into. (Doesn’t make sense to me..)

        Thank you for your time to reply! I appreciate it so much!

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