[Solved]I’m getting SSL certificate error in all my browsers

One of the members of the facebook group asked the following question recently:

Yar i am getting ssl certificate eror in all my browsers… na google khulta hai aur na hi twitter ye kia musibat hai .. kaise hal hoga ye any one help me..

This post is dedicated to him.

The issues was, that he was having SSL certificate error whenever he tried to open a secure certificate enabled website, on https, on all of his browsers, google chrome, mozilla firefox, internet explorer and apple safari. Which is no doubt a frustrating condition, however very easy and simple to fix.


The issue got solved with a very simple of the things which should be checked at first whenever you face a ssl certificate error while accessing a secure connection website.


The solution to the SSL certificate error while accessing the website in any of the browsers is to check your system Date and Time.

First of all set the date to todays date and the time to the current time. Even better if you sync the time with any of the online standard time servers (which might work by first adjusting time to the best nearest and possible current time and then syncing, as sometimes with some servers syncing fails if there is a huge time and a date difference).

One other possibility is that the current website has server date and time disturbed, which needs to be adjusted. But this means that only a particular website or a group of websites hosted by the same server will show the ssl certificate error on every browser that you try to open it in.

This should fix the ssl certificate error hopefully. Let me know if you’re still having the issue or how did you fix it if it wasn’t this issue.

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  1. internet explorer me certificate error kaise door hoga…..date.time bhi sat kr liya h……please solution this problem

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