Steps and time needed to manage your own blog

Some time back a person told me that he is interested in starting his own blog too! but was confused on how and when to start it and all that stuff you know!

So his main question was, how much time does it take to manage your own blog and what are the steps involved in it. In this post I’ll try to shed some light on it!

Well you can read this chat between me and him on facebook post to have an idea:

  • lolx Adeel, do u hav a blog? :p and did u read the post btw??

    Adeel Ijaz Malik hahaha..yup i did read this 1 and 2 others ryt nw…
    social networking, bluetooth headset for iphone ..
    but blog ni ay… want to make 1 but smjh ni aara kis bary mei bnaon.. 

  • Nabeel Khan ok ill recommend a few: 

    1. engineering
    2. martial arts / fitness
    3. any other hobby tht u have!

  • Adeel Ijaz Malik Yup…I am thinking about martial arts/fitness …. bs susti ki waja sy latka hoa ay..
  • Nabeel Khan if u want (and can) manage complete site by urself, then go for it from asap! otherwise if you just wanna share your knowledge then why dnt u write on

  • Adeel Ijaz Malik how much time one needs to manage a blog properly?

  • Nabeel Khan

    depends on wht u want out of it!

    main things include:

    1. design and coding of blog, which is not a problem these days coz of thousands of themes etc, work well usually
    …2. interacting with visitors, comments replies, deleting spam, socializing with them to keep site active and so on
    3. seo, back linking, etc (the steps related to this post! gaining traffic to ur blog)
    4. if u want to earn from it, then its a very big game in itself… and so onSee More

  • Adeel Ijaz Malik Well i do want to earn from it.. but of course it’ll take lots of effort and time to take it to that level. But earning is the main purpose.
    Would you recommend “blogspot “?
  • Nabeel Khan if you want your blog, then make your! that’s it! and install wordpress on it, and you’re done with the script part

  • Adeel Ijaz Malik N why is that so?

  • Adeel Ijaz Malik How much does it cost?

  • Nabeel Khan domain name almost 10$ per year, good hosting for a starting blog almost 3$ per month, and that’s it.

  • Adeel Ijaz Malik Ahan…that’s simple and economical. Will surely start something now. And will keep asking for guidance ;)

  • Nabeel Khan


    for domain registration or netfirms is perfect (with their promo codes, just consult me when ur about to register a name) but for hosting, dnt go for them, either get from arvixe or site5 (or me! yeah i provide hosting too …:P)

  • Adeel Ijaz Malik Hahaha… Sure.. N how much will u charge me? :p

and it goes on!

I didn’t refine the chat muh, just wanted to share it so that others who might be looking for info will find it useful too!

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