Earth quake in Pakistan – 11th october 2010

Just felt tremors of an earthquake which was terrifying!

The jolts were not simply movement of the earth but the jerks! with heart pouring out! I am in Islamabad, Pakistan and felt these tremors just a minute ago! (now don’t say jo ho rha hai america kra rha hai!)

The earthqauake happened just now on 2:45 am PST 11th october 2010. We had an earthquake last month too which was felt in almost half of the country!

Don’t know about official news as yet, but it seems to have intensity of atleast 7 scale!

I hope there are no deaths or big damages to property to people here!

There have been various clamities and natural disasters in the country every month! Flood in august, earthquake in september and now another quake in october!

May Allah protect us and forgive us for our sins! Ameen!

7 comments on “Earth quake in Pakistan – 11th october 2010

    1. Ye zalzla boht sakat tha may allha forgive me and my friends.zardari sahab ye sub ap ki waja se ho rha hai jo mulk main azab aya hoa waqat bohat taiz barish ho rhi hai.

  1. Yes it was 5.3 as told by metriological department. the jolts were were extreme. I dont think its 5.3, it seem more than that. more than that of 8th october 2010…….

  2. same terrified tremors felt here in nowshera.the scale may ranges 6 to 6.5 and was realy severe, anyway we hope for no damages/devastations.

  3. when we have a Biggest political disaster in pakistan then we are supposed to get all these natural disasters as ALLAH is also not happy …………

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