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I recently shifted the theme of my wordpress blog (this one) to thesis theme after testing it on my test site and i found it pretty much professional looking and a nice piece of code. But the issue being faced was that i wanted to use a forum with this blog site too (using bbpress – as it’s developed by wordpress team too)

Anyway, long story short, i worked couple of hours to make the thesis theme sort of design theme for bbpress, which i think i was pretty much successful in achieving. Check it out here:

It’s pretty primitive currently though! say version 0.1 as it’s just a basic hour or 2 hour work. But definitely will be working more on it as soon as i get some time out of my projects.

If some one out there is interested in using the wordpress thesis theme for their bbpress forum theme, do let me know, so that i can properly package it as a theme and launch it even.

Please note that currently it only shows thesis theme if you have the wordpress blog also installed on the same url (or use other url for that). As this was the case with me. If shown interest by you or other visitors, i’ll definitely package it as a separate bbpress theme and publish it.

Update: The alpha release of the theme is available here:(alpha state is not due to any bugs as such, but because of it’s lack of advanced integration) Nabthesis – thesis theme for bbpress

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