Tips to decorate small office

You may be starting your own venture, or you may be part of a big organization but the one aspect that will stay static throughout your time is the way you portray your office. Contrary to the public perception that expensive furniture, pretentious book shelves and art pieces are an indispensible part of an exquisite office, all you need is to showcase that your office displays the creativity and your own unique attributes by creating additional office storage and simple decorating ideas.

For people starting their career, we can unanimously agree that we’ll not have the luxury of space and there will be many other such constraints. So, how to optimize your resources to the maximum and achieve the look that says: yes boss, this is my office!

Like it has always been the case, you don’t need much, just some but with invested and thought provoking action.

Here are some ways to transform your office to your ‘power office’:

  • First and foremost, true beauty lies only where minimum make up is required! For the ones who are thinking about faces, it’s true for everything!  Try to create an uncluttered look for your space.

As it gives a perception that you don’t believe in limiting your own self. Simple examples to achieve this can be like seating areas without side rests or an open book shelf. All this will provide a neat and look that seems to be melding with the surroundings.


  • Space is a luxury, true! But that should not be factor to limit your creativity, on the contrary try to explore the ways for maximum utilization. For example can your work table double up as a book shelf on sides? Or a sliding table embedded in a wall that can slides back inside its case, once the work is over!


Constraints can fire up the imagination like no other. So put your thinking caps on and create something original! Just keep in mind, if this get cluttered, then that’s not the right direction.


  • Shades for the office: they say all the colors are beautiful! Well I disagree a little; colors are only beautiful if they can get your mind revved up, otherwise they can seriously hamper your day too. Hence always remember a handy tip, choose a color you really like and then get it in two or three shades lighter!

Why? Light colors in a proper hue are bright, cheerful and they can successfully create an illusion of space. Also amidst the stress of your work, a quick look around and the thought that you are amidst a lap of your favorite color will be quite soothing.


  • Decorations, Wall hangings etc play a very crucial part in creating a good first impression and upping your own morale. Hence they must be decided with utmost care.  You make it too loud, you might seem pompous. If there are many degrees or awards, it might become boastful. To create a proper balance I’ll suggest keeping a proper subtle mix.  Put up a single or a couple of important award(s) or degree(s) that showcases your prowess in your field. It should maintain that you are humble and striving to achieve more.

Family portraits, personal milestones are also a good idea as they show your compassion.  I am sure, with a little thought and effort you can get it right.


  • Most people go for artifacts and first editions to adorn their offices, it’s a good idea as aesthetics are very important but a caution needs to be observed. You should not put anything just for the heck of putting it there or that you saw something somewhere and you thought you should have it too. Always be aware your possessions. Right from the art work to the books you own, as it can be embarrassing if you are caught ignorant and it also leaves a bad taste in the mind of the person visiting your office.


  • Another important aspect that must be taken care of is trying to create an ambient work atmosphere with as much greenery as possible. If not much, try some small plants like bamboo or palm’s which can brighten up the day and take care of the ambience too! Plants give us everything, all they require is our care!


  • Also you should never compromise on the ergonomic comfort while working. Optimum level of work can only be achieved if you are in top health both physically and mentally.  Chairs with a proper backrest, computer positions, file cabinets, everything must be put after some thought.


These are just some of the points to help you get started. Just keep in mind that your office should be like a home and you need to nurture it properly, if you expect some returns. So put in some effort and time, as for the creativity, sky is the limit!


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