Using kontera and infolinks together on same site page at same time

Kontera and infolinks are two in-text ads providers both with their pros and cons. Here we will be discussing if these two different intext ads systems can be used on the same site or not, or to be more precise, is it allowed to use kontera and infolinks together on the same site at the same time or not.

Well short answer is NO, you can’t do that. Now come to the long answer.

Actually it’s kontera which has issue with it. Kontera don’t allow using other intext ad networks on pages using kontera on them. However, there is no such obligation from infolinks.

Similar question was asked on a forum about using infolinks and kontera simultaneously on the same website, as a response, the representatives from both the companies answered like this:


This is Jonathan from Kontera. While Kontera doesn’t have put code in your tag blocking competing networks, it’s still very much against Kontera’s Terms of Use to display addition In-Text ads on your site. This is because if two In-Text networks are competing to display an ad over the same keyword, since that’s impossible, you’ll never get an accurate picture of how well Kontera could be performing for you.

Kontera has a number of measures in place to monitor compliance and even if it doesn’t appear instantaneous, we do contact the relevant publishers and resolve the issue in the appropriate manner. Remember, having multiple In-Text network on your site does jeopardize your Kontera earnings, and since we want you to receive your Kontera payout, it’s important that publishers are compliant!


– Jonathan Cohen
Kontera Community Manager
[email protected]

However, the response from other competitor was:


Hi, it’s Sarah from Infolinks. It’s not against our policy to use more than one In Text provider, although it’s wise to check with the other company in question. However, we don’t suggest you do this as using more than one In Text provider negatively affects your earnings as you reduce your CTR and lower your CPM. In order to earn maximum revenues with In Text ads, we suggest you to work with one provider only, Infolinks.

I’m not going to get into debate that which one of them is a good choice or not in this post, but this atleast shows which ad network is confident on their service and which one is not so confident when it comes to using it along with the competitors.

5 comments on “Using kontera and infolinks together on same site page at same time

  1. Hi Nabeel,

    It’s Jonathan from Kontera. We’re fully confident in our platform, and the differentiation we provide in terms of our exclusive ad inventory, superior semantic technology, and intent based performance.

    The issue has more to do with, as you quoted me saying before, that you’ll never get an accurate impression of how well Kontera can do on your site, if your using multiple in-text providers at once. Our account managers often welcome publishers to test competitors, since we feel this will ultimately make our publishers even more enthusiastic about Kontera. However, in order for those results to be accurate, we do require that you test ad platforms one at a time.


    – Jonathan Cohen
    Kontera Community Manager
    [email protected]
    Monetize your site with Kontera In-Text ads

    1. I appreciate that, but for example if the publisher is not interested in knowing which ad network is working better and which one isn’t? because as publishers point of view, two ad networks means more keywords being served overall on a page.

      1. Hey Nabeel,

        If the issue is ad density, you contact us either through my address or [email protected] and we can change the settings on your account so can receive as many ads per page as you want. That said, we’ve found after about 6 highlighted keywords or phrases on a page, the results level off. So your webpage starts to look cluttered without any additional monetary benefit. One of the great things about Kontera is we’re able to maximize the effectiveness of our platform while taking up a minimal amount of space.

        Speaking to the questions you raised in your response to Tamar, Kontera actually performs extremely well for technology sites like yours. We work directly with such advertisers as Microsoft, Intel, Sprint, Samsung, Dell, Cannon, and many more. However, because these brand advertisements are geo-targeted, it’s possible your readers aren’t in one of the regions receiving these ads. If your interested, I can set you up with an account manager and look into that in more detail.

        Oh, and I came across your post via Twitter :)

        – Jonathan

  2. Hey, this is Tammy from Infolinks. I enjoyed reading your post :) Although I stand by the quote that Sarah shared above about using more than one provider with Infolinks, I am confident that you will be more than pleased with the payouts you get from Infolinks – regardless.

    Feel free to contact us with any questions – [email protected].

    Happy blogging :)


    1. I’m glad to have both of you comment here and well, as far as my personal experience is concerned, infolinks did work better for me on this blog than kontera. Maybe they work better on other niches.

      However, I had a question, I didn’t add link to any of your sites, then how did you get info about me blogging about you?

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