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Vote for Nabtron at Pakistanblogawards

We’ve never participated in blog awards before but this time its a national blog awards competition! so lets jump into it! Also because there have been rumors that they award the prizes to their friends and favorites only. Infact some say that they do it for them only to give them more traffic!

Lets see if its true or not! Goto the following page and give us a rating (5 means best, 1 means worst, so be generous and honest please!)

This will also let us know where we stand!

Nabtron.com at PakistanBlogAwards (link not working: http://pakistanblogawards.com/2011/11/07/technology-blog-international-technology-nabtron/ )

P.S their website design is crap and messy, so you will have to scroll down to see the rating stars

2 Responses to Vote for Nabtron at Pakistanblogawards

  1. Amna

    did man.. :)

    • Dr. Nabeel

      thanks Ahmad Rajput

      btw, nice nick name :p

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