w3schools.com error 503 – service unavailable

Guys our favorite site w3schools.com is down since yesterday with a 503 error!

It’s down here in my region at least, is it working for you? If not then since when is the great resource down for you?

I tried going to sub pages, through google and still nothing happened. All the pages including the homepage are down for w3schools with a 503 error.

w3schools error 503 service unavailable

What is 503 error – Service unavailable

The error 503 means that the web server which we’re trying to reach is currently unable to handle http requests. This can be either due to any overloading or maintenance of the server too though!

It’s weird that this site has gone down for so long! It might have been down at various occasions too but I never saw that! did you? In years?

I wonder if they really planned a server maintenance as they would show the message otherwise (or would use the cdn to show the files temporarily, or any temporary server, or any other damn thing!)



4 comments on “w3schools.com error 503 – service unavailable

  1. Yes, it has been down since yesterday. I think they are remodeling it. Some simple pages, such as the intros to tutorials, are open, but they really look like they can be edited. It has no style.

    1. I’m not sure why they don’t use a cdn or frontend cache or any other way to keep showing the site’s cached version when they’re making some change!

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