Windows Live Messenger Uninstaller (How to uninstall windows live messenger from windows – xp,vista, seven – completely)

wlmuninstaller-1Some times it might happen that your files get corrupt in windows installation, either by some virus, or by power failure or any other reason, and it might damage your programs. So if the same happened to you and it damaged your Windows Live Messenger installation on windows (xp,vista, seven) and you noticed, after the restart that your windows live messenger files are completely corrupted and even reinstalling / repairing it won’t help, and it gives error/problem and /or freezes when you try to open it or sign in, then you might have to uninstall it and then install it again from scratch.

To completely uninstall the Windows Live Messenger from your windows (xp,vista,seven) use the following method:

WLMUninstaller is a freeware utility that you can download (link at the end of this article) and can be used to remove / uninstall the windows live messenger completely.

wlmuninstaller-2After downloading the WLMUninstaller (free) for windows(xp,vista, seven) it will uninstall/remove the Windows Live Messenger with just one click after you run it. You can also see the uninstall process and progress in its window while it is uninstalling/removing the Windows Live Messenger from your windows operating system(xp,vista,seven).

This is a small utility, completely free, to uninstall / remove Windows Live Messenger from any windows operating system (xp, vista, seven) completely.

Download WLMUninstaller

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