Login to windows OS (xp, vista, seven) without password

Well, this is a common issue now, many people face this problem, that either they forget what password they set last time, or when their elder / younger brother setup the password on the computer, and now he is out of town and you need to access the computer!

white_hat1The solution, although not easy, but is there. But the problem with this is, that many people, wanna be hacker, script kiddies, also try to know the technique to get into the windows (xp, vista, seven) without using the password to mess around with other people computers.

Anyway, in short, i can help you in retrieving / breaking your windows(xp, vista, seven) password for a small fee (ofcourse!) What you have to do is to just reply to this post using your original email address in the email address field, and i will contact you personally within 24-48 hours.

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