Zoho mail not working on Mac OS X El Capitan Mail

I’ve been trying to configure zoho mail via imap to the mac mail client on my macbook pro running os x el capitan. However no matter what I do, it ended up in error saying:

unable to verify account name or password.

unable to verify username or password zoho mail mac

I tried every possible thing, even checked two factor authentication by going to: control panel > user details > clicking on username > two factor authentication (starting here: https://mail.zoho.com/cpanel/index.do#userdetails).

However finally I realized that their system is broken and I was looking at the wrong place. (If it’s not broken, then it’s not user-friendly in this case at least).

How to solve the unable to verify account name or password error

To solve this error, you simply need to turn off two factor authentication, but by going to a different page here: https://accounts.zoho.com/u/h#security/authentication

If you’re not sure if two factor authentication is still turned on, open your browser in incognito mode (for chrome) or private browsing (firefox) or simply clear all cache on your browser and try accessing your email account.

Once you’re confirm that the two factor authentication is no more active, add your details to the mail settings. Make sure you enter the latest values for these. At the time of writing this post they were:

username: your email id

imap server: imappro.zoho.com

smtp server: smtp.zoho.com

Make sure that you turn on the two factor authentication once mail client is configured properly, be it outlook, mac mail, thunderbird, opera mail or any other!

To check if the mail client is configured properly, send an email to yourself, if it goes fine and receives fine, then you’re good to go.

Let me know if you still have any issues!

2 comments on “Zoho mail not working on Mac OS X El Capitan Mail

  1. I’m still getting “trying to log in to this IMAP account failed. Verify that the username and password are correct” from Mail Connection Doctor. Two factor authentication is definitely off. Interestingly, it’s happy to work on my phone; it just won’t sign in on my desktop.

    1. Please make sure that you’re entering correct username and password (username includes @domain too) and also confirm the ports to be correct. Let me know if you need my assistance.

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