Forgot linksys router wrt54gr password / how to reset settings of the linksys wireless router

Well that day, just like any other day, I slept at night, tired and exhausted from the everyday work and modifications to nabtron without having any clue what’s going to happen to me in some time . . .

I got visited by one of my “efficient” cousin and he tried connecting to my wifi network but he failed because i had setup the password for the linksys network connectivity for security. Well! he decided to play around with it and finally . . . NO! he wasn’t able to fix it, but he corrupted every setting . . .

Anyway, to my amusement, when i tried to login to my linksys wrt54gr wifi router admin panel to fix the problem next day i some how wasn’t able to login to my router’s admin panel! Well . . . if you have had similar experience and now you don’t know how to reset / or retrieve password of your wifi router – linksys wrt54gr router specially then you have landed to a correct page :) simply follow the tutorial to get it fixed.

If you have forgotton the linksys router admin access password or for any other want to reset the settings of the  any other linksys wireless wifi router too (other than cisco – linksys wrt54gr router too) simply follow this article.

1. Power on the router

First of all place the power of your linksys wrt54gr router (linksys wireless wifi router) in place and turn it on.

2. Remove all LAN connections

Remove all the LAN connections of the wifi router with any computers connected to it.

3. Reset the router

Pick your linksys wrt54gr router in your hands. See its back side and you will find a small pinhole / button to reset the wifi router. Press that button and keep pressed for almost 30 seconds (although just gently pressing it once and releasing works usually but in some cases it might need to be pressed for almost ~30 seconds)

4. Configure your linksys wrt54gr wifi router

Once you have reset the linksys router, now you need to configure it again . Please note that this not only have reset your router’s admin panel password but also now your wrt54gr have got all its settings reset to default too (all LAN, wifi, security, password, access ip address, default name, etc)

You can now access the linksys wrt54gr wifi router admin panel with these details:

Router Configuration page link IP address:

Username: none (blank username)

Password: admin

If the above don’t work, please try these combinations:

Username : Password

root : admin

admin : admin

(blank) : (blank)

admin : (blank)

(blank) : admin

admin : password

Once in the router’s admin panel now you can configure your link sys wrt54gr wifi router normally and also change your login user and password.

If you find any difficulty in logging into your routers admin panel or any error/omissions in the above article do let me know by commenting below :)


  • It doesn’t matter which computer you use to configure your router
  • When you reset it, leave it for a few minutes (2-5) then take off the power and leave it on for 2-5 minutes again before connecting or doing anything
  • When configuring, save it on each page that you make changes to
  • for password, use wpa2 security and use any 8 digit word for your network

136 Responses to Forgot linksys router wrt54gr password / how to reset settings of the linksys wireless router

  1. Victor

    Thank you Nabeel for your assistance. Fortunately, Verizon resolved the issue on my second call to them.

    • Nabeel

      glad to know that :) if you would like to share the solution too!?

      • Victor

        Unfortunately, I do not know what Verizon did. I apologize to Nabeel and the readers for the inconvenience.

        • Nabeel

          its ok :) Glad to know that your problem got fixed!

  2. Michael

    None of the admin/password combinations work and I for some reason can’t get the linksys software to detect my router even though it’s directly connected to the computer. The internet’s fine, but the linksys easy link advisor software doesn’t detect the router itself. Very confused.

    • Nabeel

      did you reset it?

  3. Pam

    thanks your advice was very useful and got me going again after pulling out my hair.

    • Nabeel

      you’re welcome Pam!

  4. Carter Tillage

    I’ve been instructed by the Help people assisting me in setting up my Filtrete wireless thermostat that I need to change my security from WEP to WPA or WPA2. Apparently I’ don’t have the correct username and pw for the Server security log on screen. Any help retrieving the lost pws and uns appreciated.

    • Nabtron

      sorry to hear that Carter, did you check the leaflet with the device for default login and passwords? did you try calling their helpline for that ?

  5. Tom

    This worked by keeping username blank and no caps “admin” as the password, just as you explained. Thank you!!!!

    • Nabtron

      glad to know that the login and password combination from the ones given above worked for you to login to your tp link router :)

  6. dj

    none of the passwords work and i reset

    • Nabtron

      were you able to login successfully once the tp-link router was reset ? which login and password did you use then to get into the tp link admin panel?

  7. Kwerner

    I’m looking to do this to my aunts computer but she works from home hardwired and then also has wireless. Will this mess up her hardwired computer?

    • Nabtron

      if she will have dsl wire plugged into the computer then the system will probably prefer the line connection over the wireless one until you change that from network settings.

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