3 special tips to increase Google Adsense earning

Google for tips to boast adsense earning and you will get millions of pages about it.

Here I will tell you 3 secret tips which “really” multiply your adsense income. Try them out and let me know your results.

Please note, these tips do work, but not alone, which means you should have implemented other usual adsense tips to have an already optimized site running adsense on it. Also, these tips are not the ones that you might “never” have heard about even, but, they are definitely the one which are often left and overlooked.

How to improve Google Adsense income

Three unusual, extra ordinary ways to increase your Google adsense income are:

1. Have only 1 website per Adsense account

We tend to paste the adsense code on every website or blog that we are running and then wait for the fruit to fall down on our genius heads, but NO! never do that.

You probably have more than 1 websites, but only 1 of them is the real traffic giant and the one you believe income from adsense might come, so remove your adsense code from all others, or simply goto allowed sites list in adsense and allow only that 1 website to show your ads

2. 1 post a day, everyday

Bloggers usually have a habit of blogging in their leisure time and then skipping days and then repeating this. Don’t do that! write posts when you are free but schedule them to be published at 1 post / day or 2 posts a day. Make it constant. Google should get almost same number of posts every day, and it should get a post every day from your blog! If you skip it, your adsense income really goes down.

3. Get dedicated IP from USA

Serious about your blog and income? get a dedicated IP from USA. This helps in a lot of ways. e.g google will consider your site local to usa and will send more USA traffic to it, so directly increasing pay per click on your adsense account. Secondly, dedicated IP will improve your site’s ranking further.

There are many other usually overlooked tips and tricks for improving adsense income which we will be discussing later! but for now apply these three to increase your adsense income in just three simple yet powerful steps.

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