Already invited? We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.

Google Plus (Google+) ! yeah! you’re right!

At first, like everyone, I was curious about receiving Google plus invites, which I got not 1, but four! and now what? for last 4 days, Google+ is over capacity! Oh come on dude! I thought google was serious this time!

Why don’t google employ better servers for Google plus, or else stop sending invites! simple! What the crap is this? keep checking every now and then to see if it’s there or not. A very cheap tactic to gain popularity and domain worth.

Whenever you goto you get:

Already invited? We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.

My advice, Google, get better servers, or else, get better development team! Or go find members from some other planet for your new awesome social network.

Big or small internet company, they need to work on minor things in their applications, including this social media network, to compete with others online, specially Facebook.

58 comments on “Already invited? We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.

  1. I completely agree with your comments, I received an invite from a friend 3 days ago and up to now I am yet to join. Very annoying!!

  2. be sure to read everything on g+ website:

    “Google+ is in limited Field Trial
    Right now, we’re testing with a small number of people, but it won’t be long before the Google+ project is ready for everyone”

  3. I don’t think it’s a server issue that is the cause. They are testing on a smaller group of people and monitoring how everything works; as well as gauging user feedback. They don’t want to fail massively in front of a million people…that would completely kill the project.

  4. Their servers are not overloaded, they just use that phrase to announce they aren’t taking new users at this time, with our without an Invitation.

    1. they should say it by not letting them being added, or by not sending the invitation email to them atleast!

      so either their servers are bad, or else the code!

      1. It really is a mystery, still no sign of access or notification from Google inspite of my friends invite. Hmmmm!

  5. I remember when Gmail launched and they trickled in users with an invite here and an invite there. When I got my invite I was able to sign right up and use the service. Bugs and all in those days… at least I was able to get in.

    I received an invite… it says I am invited, but does not allow me any kind of access. It is a bit disappointing that their beta invites have not flowed as well as gmail’s did back then. I guess I just had this expectation that it would be handled pretty much the same way.

    Now any sane man would just walk away with a “meh, I will come back in a week”. I never said I was a sane man. lol I keep checking it and I keep checking it. It has turned into a mild obsession. To top it off I keep hearing about it… so this drive my need to click…click…click. lol

    1. Yeah, thats the problem, why don’t they simply email the users only when their invitation is properly processed and they can login, rather than keeping the users busy clicking all day long

  6. I can’t believe you can’t see this. it’s just a marketing strategy, having google+ only available for a few users and through “invite only”, so people want it more badly and spread the word around a LOT more by asking stuff like this.

    Remember gmail was beta? everyone going crazy because it was hard to get an invite and all that… they did the same thing with google+ and it’s working again.

    1. yeah! and now this way they are also promoting gmail, because currently invites are working for gmail only!

  7. Just be patient, guys. It’s basically beta testing, and the actual site launch can’t be too far in the horizon. You’ll get in to the limited testing or not, but complaining and making yourself seem foolish won’t speed anything up. I understand the frustration, having received a few invites myself, and not being able to get in. But Google is just trying to avoid having another Wave or Buzz like fiasco, and can you really blame them?

    1. Maybe you’re right, but that’s not what I said in the post, thing is, they should not let the invites be sent if they are not going to let that person in! simple!

      1. Why? You can use the invite again later, and sign up, if their quota isn’t full for that time slot. You have another chance every few hours. And if they didn’t allow the invites to be sent, the people who sent them would have to try over and over again until there was space. That would just be obnoxious.

        1. they can make the system like:

          1. user invites the friend
          2. friend receives an email, saying, your invite is in que, you will receive an email once you are in
          3. friend receives an email once invite is processed and he can simply login

          What they are doing right now is a disgrace! seriously

          1. Perhaps. But I really don’t think it’s a disgrace. Like I said, you have another chance every few hours. I literally just got in.

          2. Google is offering a free social networking site that they funded themselves, you already got in, yet your still complaining about the sign up limit? It’s not like they’re rejecting people permanently. What they’re doing makes sense. If a million people signed up at the same time, they would likely have server crashes, unfixed bugs, severe lag, etc., etc. It sucks that getting rejected once or twice before you succeeded in signing in hurt your feelings, but have some sense of perspective.

          3. it depends on what you call as free

            I am offering free help and tips on this blog ?

            or any other blogger is doing so? NO! we all do something in return of something here! same goes for Google.

            Just not paying (directly) don’t mean you are getting something for free! honestly

          4. So what have you done for Google lately, that makes them owe you Google +? What have you “paid” in exactly? Did you help program the site? Did you buy stock in Google?

          5. Before I try to explain that, do you think Google is running just with a motive of public service ? Everything they do, they do just because they love people and are willing to cut their pocket to make people happy and enjoying their online ventures?

          6. No, I don’t. I simply don’t think they owe you anything. I think your simply complaining because you want something to complain about. The system they’re using for invitations to their new, in testing social network site is perfectly acceptable. Your making a big fuss for nothing.

          7. I never say they’re bad, i just said they need some better programmers! coz this system can be improved greatly (specially this invitation system too)

      2. Why? The invites are reusable. If you try again in a bit you’ll probably get in. I literally just did. And if they didn’t let them send, the person who invited them would just have to resend it. That would be obnoxious.

          1. “What they are doing right now is a disgrace! seriously”

            “but Google lowered it’s value and image that maybe it gives importance to HUMANS”

            You said the system was a disgrace, and that it meant Google placed no value on humans. I may have been paraphrasing, but if that doesn’t mean bad, I don’t know what does. We were just talking about the invitation system. In the case of that, why would they want to spend time and resources improving a temporary system? Once Google + is open to the public, the system will probably never be used again.
            On the other hand, if when you said they needed better programmers because the system could be improved you meant the actual site, well, true. Personally I don’t think they need better programmers, just time to test functionality and fix bugs. Hence the invite system, so they can test the site with a small number of people first, and fix whatever bugs pop up.

          2. Look, I’m not stupid. I know exactly how Google earns money. My point is simple, please try and understand. Yes, Google charges other websites for search placement, ads, ect. I was never under the impression they were philanthropists. But they do not charge money for Google search, gmail, or any other of their free services. They provide them to the public to make money, but they don’t charge the average user. Other sites willingly pay for ads, or anonymous statistical data. I’ve been using Google’s services for years, and never paid a cent. it’s free of charge.
            And by the way, once again, the reason they shouldn’t be wasting money improving the invite service is because it is temporary. They should spend those resources improving and fixing the important parts of the site.

          3. see! again, you said search and gmail are free! maybe our definition of free is still different!

            and how finely you manage minor and temporary things, has an impact on your overall standing too!

          4. They must be. Did I not explain my view of free? Let me ask you a question: Have you ever payed for Gmail? for search? How? In free time? By seeing ads? How exactly do you pay for Google’s services? Please explain. Because I legitimately do not understand.

          5. yes i made them earn money by clicking ads on google search, and by adding to their statistical data which they sold to companies

          6. Are you implying that Google took money from your bank account to help fund their statistical analysis in return for your services? Another company making money off of your use of their free service is not the same as paying for a service. Many, many websites do similar things, with ads and statistical data. E.g, Facebook.

          7. No I’m implying that I and you helped Google add money to their bank account.

            and yes many companies do so! :)

  8. But neither you or I lost money in the process. Therefore we did not pay Google. So it was free.
    And you cannot argue that the data Google gathers is payment, because search and Gmail are used for personal purposes. If you go and google search, say, Hot Dogs, yes Google makes money for placing the search results in certain order, but you didn’t search Hot Dogs simply to pad Google’s bank account. You did because you wanted a Hot Dog, or the name of a Hot Dog company. Who knows. But the money didn’t come from you. You are not paying for the service.

    1. when none of the parties arguing are willing to change their point of view, its better to leave the argument! :)

      thanks for your comments though!

      1. Agreed. We appear to both be very stubborn people. Despite disagreeing with you, I respect your argument, and that was a damn fin debate. Good day to you, sir.

  9. Yo ..totalY agree WiD this.. .
    DamN Profile is created thiS tym on pluS.. wot d f***.
    AlwayS shown…

    Already invited? We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon. x(

      1. poor design and coding? and you say that just because they dont block invites, instead they give you a “is full” message when server is overloaded in a beta stage? oO do you read yourself?

        that would be the tiniest thing google would be worried about now, there are hundreds if not more priorities over that, i recommend you reading about beta states of software and its general purpose.

        1. xmoki, I am a programmer and I understand how simple it is to improve this system, and I also do understand how weak this system currently is (talking about the invite system specifically)

          Server is not overloaded, they stop invites manually (or per set pattern) i suppose. Which, they can do better in other ways too, including not letting invites sent, or else just sending invite email once the service is enabled for them.

          I am sure it won’t make sense for you and some others here who have never designed and coded such a system, so i don’t blame you for that too!

          1. “I am sure it won’t make sense for you and some others here who have never designed and coded such a system, so i don’t blame you for that too!”

            yeah right… good assumption on me, NOT… i only work as web developer for 9 years now, and u continue to ignore beta testing stage purpose, but then, maybe u skipped theory classes… they were just theory, u dont need them… right? lol

          2. I am not sure how one can learn programming without theory :

            but yeah, I don’t have a degree from some institute (specially not from the ones – whose graduates I have employed and also taught as an intern in my firm)

        1. none of us own Google+ i suppose, but ya, we own the impression and grooming we present in an argument, and you well presented that…

  10. Same old, same old from Google. The few who can get in cheer loudly about the alleged benefits. Those of us with invites remain stuck at the door, curious about these so-called great features, perpetually seeing the “We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity” notification that allows you to go no further to evaluate their latest “big deal.”

    Sorry, Google, but I’ve lost interest already. Yes, we all know your site is in beta. Yes, we know you’re planning your special release soon. But once again what you’ve taught us is that you use hype and hubbub – all sizzle no steak – to attract people’s interest, while leaving them stuck in a line outside the door. I already see enough Mac lemmings at the mall piled up to get into the Apple store. I don’t want around breathlessly hoping to “join the club.” If you want users, open the doors.

    Let me know if you decide to release anything worth participating, Google – and be sure to provide the capacity to back it up for once, rather than leaving potential users to dangle on and on and on….

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