Add feedburner to rss on Pagelines theme – WordPress

Pagelines is a nice framework for wordpress (which I decided to use today for this blog) but despite so much hardwork and beauty, it lacks some basic features, such as ability to add feedburner to your rss (instead of default wordpress rss feed page).

So how to get it done? Well their help forums say you need to use a custom hook for that! Nah, abit complicated right? Well nerds can go that way too!

However, if you want a simple and cool way to get it done, then use a plugin named “Primary Feedburner”. Simply goto wordpress plugins, add new and search for this name and install. It will let you add feedburner url for your website feed as well as comments feed.

Don’t forget to enable the plugin option to start replacing the normal wordpress rss feed page with feedburner feedsmith one.

What this plugin does is, simply redirects your feeds page to the feedburner link added from plugins options page.

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