Remove jQuery from Platformpro wordpress theme

Due to recent shift from thesis to platformpro, I’ve been trying to improve the framework and theme (platform base) by speeding it up and also making few necessary changes. One of those was to remove unnecessary scripts which platformpro don’t give option of removing from the theme admin backend.

I am not using any script on the site which might require jQuery (superfish or other related scripts too) specially for header navigation. But the theme was still loading the script.

When tried to remove it, i wasn’t able to find the code wp_enqueue_script for jQuery and superfish which will remove it (found jquery at one place, but it didn’t help)

However, how to fix this issue and remove jQuery from platformpro wordpress theme, follow these steps:

1. Goto file: /wp-content/themes/platformpro/includes/class.template.php and edit it.

2. On line 366 and 368, find and comment out:

wp_register_script($js_id, $parsed_js_atts['file'], $parsed_js_atts['dependancy'], $parsed_js_atts['version'], true);


Making it:

//wp_register_script($js_id, $parsed_js_atts['file'], $parsed_js_atts['dependancy'], $parsed_js_atts['version'], true);


Now the javascript files specific to the theme will not load (you can load one manually if you need any 1 or 2 loaded incase). So there will be no jQuery or superfish files loaded

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