Adsense Daemon not showing Ads on new post

Adsense Daemon is a wonderful plugin for wordpress which brilliantly manages the ads for your wordpress blog.

I made a new post today on my blog but to my surprise there was no ad on this post.

I checked the source of the post to see if google was not giving any ads for this particular page or the adsense code isn’t loading at all, and I wasn’t able to find the adsense code in the source code at all, which means that the code was not being generated for this post!

Possible cases were that there is some plugin interference, or any issue with adsense daemon. After trying couple of things, this is the problem and solution to it:

I recently upgraded Adsense Daemon to the latest version, and in the latest version, it added a new option saying: “Display ads for post published after :” and unfortunately the author of the plugin didn’t add a default value to this option as 0 (immediately). So once I entered the value 0 to it, voila! it worked! and the ads were shown on the blog normally! :)

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  1. Hi Nabeel, i got same problem without any wordpress plugins, i simply put the original javascript from google adsense at my text widgets.

    Start around 2st week of january 2011 the adsense didn’t show any ads again, even the public ads. Is the adsense server broken down?

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