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QR Code Generator for Social network profiles and Analytics with YouScan.me

QR codes or bar codes are widely being used in videos, links, texts and images to promote and interact with the customers. These QR codes can also be put on the business card, company stationary, packaging, mail, magazine ads, etc. These interactive QR codes let the customers scan them and then view the landing page on a mobile device, hence promoting your campaign.

Youscan.me generates QR codes for all your social profiles. You can place a QR code for your social network profile like facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. It’s like scan to check-in, scan to like, scan to follow, etc. This way they can promote your social medica profiles and place them in your products too.

Now how will these QR codes be scanned? many mobile devices now come with QR code readers preinstalled in them, like Nokia, Android, Blackberry etc. They are also available for iOS for iPhone and windows phone 7.

Youscan.me also provides an analytics dashboard for all the generated QR codes. You can track and follow all the code activity including scan count, countries, etc thus helping you monitor and measure your campaign success.

One Response to QR Code Generator for Social network profiles and Analytics with YouScan.me

  1. Custom QR Codes

    It is great that the success of campaigns can be tracked. QR codes have great potential and this allows people to see how effective they really are and what uses work for them. They can also be customized to stand out.

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