How to auto post from Twitter to Facebook

With so many social profiles it’s pain to post your link or update on every network individually.

There are many apps already out there which allow twitter users to auto post their tweets to their facebook status updates.

Here are few facebook apps which do the same function of automatically syncing your twitter tweets and facebook status updates by auto posting your tweets to your facebook profile.

Selective tweets

Selective tweets app gives you the power to select which tweets you want to be shared on your facebook profile and which you don’t want to. Simply install the app and connect to your twitter account. Once your twitter account is verified and you want to update your facebook status with your new tweet, just end your current tweet with #fb and this will update your facebook status with the current tweet.

Smart Twitter

Smart twitter does the same thing of updating your facebook status from your twitter tweets. This app lets you configure and chose which tweets you want to be shared to facebook and which you don’t want to. Like by default it don’t copy tweets like @replies, retweets or # containing tags, but you can easily modify these settings.

Ftwitter app

Fwitter updates your facebook status with your latest twitter tweet too!

Try out any of these apps and let me know which one served you the best!

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