Blackberry not turning on – not charging

Yesterday a friend of mine gave me a blackberry to fix some issues in it, including the face that it’s not turning on.

Despite the fact that my brother owns a blackberry too (probably same model) but I never got my hands on the device ever!

So coming back to the point, when i tried plugging in the blackberry charger, it simply showed a red light turned on for a couple of seconds and then it went off. I tried to wait for a few minutes for some magic to happen, but nothing showed up infact . . .

Long story short, I simply plugged in my brother’s blackberry charger and voila! there was this battery sign on the screen that popped up and started showing charging!

So for those, who’s black berry is not turning on, first check is to confirm if the blackberry is charged or not, and also, if their charger is working or not.

The blackberry can also go off if the software is corrupt too btw!

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