Adsense income back up, almost 40% – here’s how

Well recently I made a new post saying that my adsense income went down to almost 10% of the usual income that I was having on average for last couple of months, but now it has again geared up!

I’m making this post to help those out there who faced similar issues recently or may happen at any time to their account.

Let me make it clear that my adsense account is not being used on any other site and I also restricted it via allowed sites filter in google adsense.

However, I was using various settings like:

  • competitive ad filter with many blocked ads from various sites
  • no third party ads
  • no interest based ads
  • no google certified ad networks

I simply removed the competitive ads filter list and also allowed all google certified ad networks. However, I didn’t allow the third party ads and interest based ads till now (will do after I write this post) so that I can check the difference it brings to my account earnings.

Probably my account was smart priced? but why :s don’t know!

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