Apple iPhone 6 to get Sharp LCDs – thinner and lighter display

Japanese news daily Nikkei reported that Apple and Sharp are partnering together to create a next-generation low temperature poly silicon LCD displays for iPhone 6 – Reported by Japanese news daily Nikkei.

This means that iPhone 6 will now be having a thinner and lighter display as compared to the current Apple iPhone 4. It will also offer more durability, higher aperture ratios and few connection pins.

Current Apple iPhone 4’s display is also employed with retina display technology which provides a crisp and bright image with improved contrast ratio. However, Apple seems to be trying out new options for the iPhone 6 which is scheduled to be in production in mid 2012.

Sharp’s LCD displays with thin film transistors made from polycrystalline silicon (p-Si) will be used for Apple iPhone 6. They are thinner and lighter and consume much less power as compared to the traditional LCD display screens.

This technology allows putting the optical sensors and other components on the glass substrate. Which means there is no need for additional layer of touch panel for the device screen.

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