Article Manager parameters not working / affecting in Joomla

I was working on a Joomla! template and upon completion I uploaded to the user’s site. Now upon configuring it I got complain from him that the homepage content item’s heading are not clickable or linked to any page.We will discuss here how to fix it

I tried fixing it by editing the Joomla! Article Manager Parameters but they didn’t work.

I checked the articles and they had all the settings to be use global, so still no luck with it.

It was fixed when i went to Menu Manager > My menu and clicked the home link > right column component settings and found out that there they were manually defined instead of being selected as use global

So by simply changing the menu item settings to use global the issue was fixed.

The Joomla! Article parameters work in this order: (with former overriding the later)

Article > Menu item > Global

If you’re unable to fix the issue by above mentioned methods, do let me know.

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  1. To create a static content item, create a new Article in the same way as for normal content and assign it to the ‘Uncategorized’ Section and Category.

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