Bill Gates offering treatment for Arfa Karim – Youngest MCP

Chairman and founder of MicroSoft, Bill Gates has contacted Arfa Kareem’s parents for her treatment.

Arfa Karim’s father, Amjab Karim Randhawa said that Bill Gates telephones him and expressed his wish about Arfs’s treatment in the U.S.

Bill Gates directed his doctors to adopt every kind of measure to treat Arfa Karim – youngest Microsoft Certified Professional.

Pakistani doctors shared info about Arfa’s illness and current condition to Bill Gates doctors over the internet.

Arfa Karim is currently on ventilator which might make it hard to shift her from the current hospital to any other one.

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  1. Hi,

    Thats really good, by the way i emailed Bill & Melinda Foundation 11 days ago and requested for their help for Arfa Karim :)as i knew our leaders can’t do anything. They can only talk.


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