Iphone stuck at apple logo – solved

Man iPhone is a mess sometimes!

I got my iPhone home button fixed yesterday but it wasn’t charging normally. So I decided to give it a reset.

After the reset, the iphone got stuck at apple logo and won’t do anything except showing the bitten white apple logo for long.

Ok so how did it get solved? The popular method circulating around online is to do a restore via itunes by turning it off and turning on in dfu / recovery mode. However, there is much simple fix to this iphone stuck at apple logo issue, which fixed it for me.

How to fix iPhone stuck at apple logo

To fix it, I turned off the iphone stuck at apple logo, but pressing home and power button for some seconds until the screen goes black.

Launched iTunes on my macbook and connected iPhone to the computer via usb

Turned on iPhone by pressing the power button.

Voila! and there it go, all set and working.

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