Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 Review

The antivirus software is of paramount importance because it wards off any threat that is approaching your system. Apart from this it becomes even more convenient as your day to day management of security is done by single software. However in the pursuit of such ace software you might often be deluded. For squabble free and seamless security management, Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 has been chosen by many users by dint of its functionality, near silent security and autopilot mode.


The Bitdefender Antivirus software has been applauded and merited for its capability to detect malware, better than any software in the market. Here are some of its outstanding features-

Scores Highly at AV Test

The real time scanning feature consistently scans all the incoming and outgoing communication to and from your PC in fast pace. It has been tested by various standards and the AV Test in Germany has scored it highly and assured its potent functionality.

Three Levels of Security

Its three levels of segregated security are just impenetrable- in the first level, the known enemies are recognized, and the cure is applied then and there in the cloud.

The second level detects the newer and unknown threats, isolating them in a virtualized arena. After the data has been collected, they are tested as to whether they might try to alter the configuration, connect to select data or try to coordinate with known viruses. If the behavior of the virus is normal in this neutral arena, it is allowed to operate; if it shows any tantrums, it is deleted!

The third and final level of software, called the Active Virus Control, keeps trial of the PC operations, so that if there is any malware like behavior already existing, it might eliminate it.

Two Way Firewall

You need to know that the Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 involves a two-way firewall to enhance its antivirus property. This versatile firewall syncs in with your location automatically. A WI-Fi monitor saves your network from unauthorized use. With gamers, they often crack the firewall so that they might enjoy even those forbidden by their system. However, if you involve Bitdefender, the gamer mode would keep you safe while you thrill yourself in gaming. Gamer mode can automatically stop interruptions when you enter full screen, video or any presentation.

Social Networking Protection

Social networking has crept in every computer, and so has threats like identity thefts and viruses. Bitdefender Antivirus Software keeps track of the links in Facebook or Twitter.


Website Filter

Its unique anti-phishing quality enables you to know the real name of the domain in case of a false website.  While using the search engines, Bitdefender rates the URL to let you understand the safety in dealing each website, and the website filter as such blocks unsafe URLs.

Enhanced Parental Control

The parental filters are needed for keeping control over systems that have multiple users. It blocks, messages, mails or sites that you have specified. This control is needed for children, and you can delimit your child’s internet viewing by setting time.


Bitdefender Internet Security can tackle any attack- Adware, Keyloggers; Trojans or browser hijackers can be efficiently handled by it. The intrusion detection tool is highly powerful that helps in protecting DLL from unauthorized changes. The Bitdefender software restricts any unauthorized attempt to change registry keys or files.


Regarding cons, the only one that needs to be pointed out is the installation of the program may take time if your system is already inflicted with malware.


Independent lab tests have defended the efficacy of the Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 product. There is no doubt of its functionality and addition to this the 24/7 support helps immensely in case of disaster.

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