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Internet connection speed at PIMS, Islamabad

P.I.M.S , Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, has a well established network of inter and intranet in it. However the speed of the net at the institute / hospital is really bad!

I checked the speed of the internet on one of the wards computer of PIMS hospital through speedtest.net and found the speed to be really pathetic.

You can check the speed in the image below:

So this is the internet speed of the national level institute!

Many might argue that having faster speed is not necessary, however, in my opinion, it is very much necessary, as to allow users and doctors in it to have ready access to the online information.

Also, there are no official wifi networks in the hospital. Some wards head of the departments have set them up through pharmacy people’s account or the teams have done it from their own money in some wards too.

In my opinion, this should be improved, whats your opinion about it ?

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