How to accept credit card on AlertPay without upgrading your account

AlertPay asks you to upgrade your account from personal to personal pro or business in order to receive credit card payments. There are many reasons why someone wouldn’t upgrade their account on alertpay (like not having a credit card to verify your account or not wanting to pay 2.5$ + fee on every transaction). How […]

How to check if my AlertPay account can accept credit card payments

I had to send funds to a friend today via alertpay but unfortunately I didn’t have any funds in my alertpay account. So the only option was to pay him via credit card. So to make sure the receiving person can accept credit card payments, follow these steps (read whole post before acting): How to […]

How to upgrade AlertPay account to Personal pro or Business

Alertpay offers three types of accounts to its users: Personal Starter Personal Pro Business Alert pay provides an option to its users to upgrade their account from personal starter to personal pro or from personal starter to business account. To upgrade your alertpay account from personal starter to personal pro or business account, follow these […]

Difference between AlertPay Personal Starter, Personal Pro and Business account

AlertPay is an online payment processor providing three types of accounts for its users AlertPay Personal Starter account AlertPay Personal Pro account AlertPay Business account The differences between the three can be assessed by following and then help you chose which one you would like to have: Difference between AlertPay Personal Starter and Personal Pro […]

Verify your Credit Card with Alert Pay in non Euro currency

Recently had an experience with Alert Pay while adding the credit card to my account so thought to help out people who may face the same situation. I used my Payoneer Credit Card (master card) to verify my AlertPay account. The deposit statements are shown in my account in US$ instead of euro. But when […]